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Trans Day of Remembrance (TDOR) #RememberMeNow

This year in addition to planning events in NY and Florida, Blaque/OUT Magazine launched a Trans Day of Remembrance Awareness social media campaign called #RememberMeNow that kicked off today. Standing in solidarity with Brittan Hardgers' organization, Next Generation Men of Transition and in collaboration with Black & Brown led Trans orgs around the country, we are asking the community to join us in:

1. Using the #RememberMeNow hashtag

2. Change their profile pics of people holding signs that say #RememberMeNow

3. Stitch/Duet or post vids of themselves saying "Remember Me Now"

Trans Day of Remembrance is a day of mourning to grieve the murders of Trans folks around the world. Last year there was a record breaking at least 50 people, this year, there has already been at least 33 recorded murders of people of the Trans and Gender Non-Conforming experience. These murders often go uninvestigated and thus unsolved and many people's murders even go unknown as victims are often misgendered by law enforcement and again in the media.

The #RememberMeNow campaign seeks to cast a light on these murders and more importantly the lives of the folks that have been lost. It also asks you to not just remember the Trans community upon death but remember them now through your vote, your voice, through the way you treat and speak to and of Trans folks, and your refusal to accept or perpetuate Transphobia in the people around you. It also reminds us that you do not have to be of the Trans experience to support Trans justice or fight for Trans lives. Trans Rights are Human Rights. The videos and pictures already on display with the campaign feature both -cis and -Trans folks with the same message.

We would love to see you spread the word and participate as an organization. What a powerful message of solidarity for the world AND your employees to see.

The #RememberMeNow campaign was sparked by the documentary Brittan Hardgers is producing that allows folks of the Trans and GNC communities to talk about their journey on their own terms. The doc will premier in New York during Trans Awareness Week and will be touring with screenings throughout Pride season 2023.

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